Three Speed “Pre-Ride” during Sunday Parkways, 23 June

Our fellow SOTS member Rick Conrad is putting together a Three Speed shinding BEFORE the official ride on Sunday June 23rd. Are you going to be riding Sunday Parkways and want to hang out with other Three Speeders? Here are the details:

Meet over at the south side of Sabin Hydro Park (NE 19th and Skidmore) at 1:30 pm, roll out at 2pm. We’d travel north from the park and do the loop from Sabin up to 17th to Woodlawn Park then continue east past Fernhill Park and finish out the route. If we’re running behind schedule we can simply cut up from Going for the meet up, or if we go faster we can simply do the extra 1/4 loop to Fernhill for the meet up.

If you need more info, get in touch with me and I’ll pass it along to Rick.


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