From the Interwebs: TWO new Three-Speed sites, plus the possible death of one

Hello friends of Three Speeds! In my searchings of the this thing called the “World Wide Web” this fine summer eve, I came across the existence of two new-ish three speed related sites.
First up from the town of Algonac, Michigan comes the St. Clair River 3 Speed Touring Club. From their about page:
My goal here is to provide touring/riding opportunities for 3 speed bicycles that would otherwise not be available in other cycling activities. Let’s face it, such bicycles have gearing limitations when compared to those derailleur equipped. However, we have advantages too. For many, the more upright riding style is more comfortable as well as providing a greater ease of visibility. The more relaxed geometries provide softer handling characteristics. Lastly, many of us like the classics that have appeared over the years. By events being focused on the 3 speed bicycle we can enjoy ourselves with others of a like mind. Many will come from a vintage perspective not only in the bicycle ridden but also in terms of mindset. Does one really need to have the latest and greatest to enjoy a day of touring, some think not.
Can’t argue with that! Doesn’t look like they have put on many, if any, rides, but here’s hoping to a glorious future.
Next up from the mythical “Back East” area I’m rumored to be from is Three Speed Hub. Nick, the proprietor of this site, is loading it up with lots of useful information for us three speed enthusiasts. Worth a look!
Also worth checking out is this article on three speeds in Boston. Yeah, it was published three years ago, but as De La Soul said, three is the magic number.
In sadder news, it appears that the Southern California Three Speed Touring Club site is dead. It didn’t seem like the site/club was particularly active (just one ride that I know of during the few years I had been following/”been a member”) but I would still be sad to see it go. Alas.

3 thoughts on “From the Interwebs: TWO new Three-Speed sites, plus the possible death of one

  1. Many thanks for the mention, it is and always will be a work in progress but that is part of the fun. There is a lot more to come. Sadly raining here back East, so instead of riding one, I’ll be working on another 🙂

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