RIDE REPORT: Three Speed Ride, 23 June 2013

The subtitle of this report could be: A comedy of errors. And I apologize in advance for the lack of photos, as I forgot to take any photos. This is what happens when you lead a ride, you are too concerned with everything else.

The Pedalpalooza edition of the Three Speed Ride is always a special event, as the ride calendar has a circulation in the tens of thousands. Meaning: lots of exposure. Still, attendance was considerably light after the two dozen showing up for May’s ride. The big reason: the weather. It was a crappy, rainy day. The rain held off for most of the ride, except for about three minutes of total downpour, a downpour that caused Boris on his awesome modernized Raleigh Twenty to turn around and go home.

This bike.

Anyways, getting a little ahead of myself. We still had about twelve people total despite the crap weather. Besides myself and a several current members of SOTS, we had a good showing from the Belligerantes bicycle club. The Belligerantes raison d’etre is old Schwinns so they had some lovely 60s/70s “lightweights” with Sturmey-Archer hubs.

The ride winded through quiet neighborhoods from Fernhill Park down to Biddy McGraw’s Tavern at NE 60th and Glisan. There was a good deal of “rough stuff” action, including one of my very favorite “I can’t believe they call this a street” moments on NE 46th Ave. And also the path that goes around the Rose City Golf Course.

The NE 46th Ave “path.”

The golf course path.

The other minor mishap of the ride was a mechanical issue. Rick’s trigger shifter decided to stop shifting and he tried to fix it on the fly. Of course, I didn’t realize that he stopped to do this until it was too late, and so he missed most of the ride, along with Todd who stayed back to help him. But don’t worry, they both made it safely to Biddy’s for a celebratory beer!

I plan on doing another Three Speed Ride sometime later in the summer. Hopefully we’ll have better weather then!


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