SOTS member bikes: Modified Phillips Roadster

One of the little-known clauses of Society of Three Speeds membership* is that the president of SOTS can drop a member’s place unexpectedly and check up on their three speeds.** On my July bike tour I passed through some rugged terrain in the Oregon Cascades, and the only reason I did was to check up on this mysterious Phillips owned by one of our members.***

The Phillips in question is a rod-braked roadster. But not any rod-braked roadster, no sir. This one is actually a combination of TWO separate Phillips roadsters. Right down to the frame. Yes, folks, two frames, one a 21″, the other a 22″, were chopped and then welded together to make this 25″ frame bike. Could I tell? No. Not even when it was pointed out where the two frames were welded together.

If that wasn’t enough, there are some other cool details to this bike. Like:

The rods don’t control rod brakes, but control hub brakes. The owner of this bike opted for modern Sturmey-Archer hubs due to availability.

The handlebar bag? Handmade by the owner of the bike.

The rear rack? A “bread loaf” holder style.

The pedals? Modern MKS body with salvaged Phillips rubber blocks.

All in all, a cool bike!

Now shine up those three-speeds, folks! You’ll never know when I’ll come calling!

More photos can be found over here.

*Little-known because I never wrote it down.


***Actually, I was just passing through the area.


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