What’s Next for Society of Three Speeds?

While 2013 is by no means over, the upcoming September ride will probably be the last Three Speed Ride in Portland for the calendar year. If I have energy I might try for another one nearer to “the holidays”, but I make no guarantees. 2013 was a good year for Society of Three Speeds: Four rides (counting the September one), attendance on the rides from one dozen to two dozen folks, and current membership just over 75. (Maybe we can see 100 members by the end of the year?)

I hope to see 2014 be an even bigger and better year for the Society. Besides doing the type of rides we’ve done this year, day rides from 10-20 miles in distance, it would be nice to attempt a bigger tour, something in the vein of the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour they do in Minnesota/Wisconsin. The problem with the NW vs Midwest is we are definitely less flat. (I know that the Lake Pepin area is hilly, but the ride sticks to the lowlands where there are less hills.) I’d love to do a Columbia Gorge loop, but the hills (and traffic) don’t make it a pleasurable jaunt on a three speed. The Willamette Valley has the premium on flat lands here in the Portland area, so I may do some “research” in the near future to scout out some interesting routes. James in the Puget Sound region extols the wonders of the many rail-trails found around there, so that could be another option. Does anyone have any ideas?

And I’ve said it for years, but it would be nice to do a Three Speed CAMPING ride at some point in 2014. Again, the Portland area’s general hilliness makes it hard to find a destination that doesn’t involve a climb, but there are ways. (It would be very nice when they finish the section of the Springwater between Boring and Barton, which means one could ride all the way from downtown Portland to Barton Park on a gentle rail-grade!) Maybe a jaunt out on the Banks-Vernonia Trail to camp at Stub Stewart or in Vernonia? Dodge Park or Oxbow? (Yes, that hill.) We shall see, we shall see…

And it would be nice to see some Three Speed Rides in other cities! Hey members, are you interested in leading a ride in your own town? Let’s talk.

4 thoughts on “What’s Next for Society of Three Speeds?

  1. Steve M says:

    I’ve been wanting to check out the Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway for awhile. A decent length of car free bike path, with lakes, woods, and covered bridges that might give it an old timey feel. Unfortunately it’s a few hours away from Portland (Cottage Grove).

    • That is a good idea, and one I’ve thought of. The “getting to Cottage Grove” is definitely an inhibitor, though. Also, my roommate rode it a few weeks ago and indicated that most of the bridges are “off route”. I think it could be a possibility if I could find a good route between Eugene and Cottage Grove. Eugene makes a better start point due to lodging options and transportation options. (Amtrak!)

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