Raleigh Superbe: Spotted

I tend to see a good deal of classic three-speeds in my around-town goings. When I travel, I sometimes spot ’em in the cities I pass through. But it’s really cool to find good specimens “off the beaten path”, in the smaller towns that make up much of the US of A.

For example: This lovely Raleigh Superbe. This was spotted on my first day of my San Juans-Skagit Tour in September. I had just pulled into Anacortes, Washington and stopped at the local market for supplies. The Superbe was parked out front!

It was in remarkably good shape, and well cared for. And like a good Superbe should, it had a Dynohub and matching light.

Looks like it’s haulin’ some wood.

And lucky for me, a quick search of my handlebar bag produced some Society of Three Speeds propaganda. I affixed it to the wood-laden rear rack. Maybe we’ll have a new member from Anacortes?

More photos here.


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