A nice write up about riding a three speed bicycle. Mark converted a Raleigh International to a three speed, so it’s a pretty sweet machine!

The Early Morning Cyclist

You know, I originally built my 1971 Raleigh International up as a lightweight three-speed so that I could take short rides around the neighborhood. I thought I wanted a bike I wouldn’t have to get all kitted up for to go ride. – just throw on shoes and pedal down the block. I’ve got other bikes that are well suited for longer distances: the saddles are comfy and they’ve got plenty of gears (and a not insignificant range of ‘em either.)

More and more however, I find myself taking this bike further and further afield – sometimes just around the block, and other times I’m suddenly 30, 40, 50 miles from home. At such times I also find myself thinking, “Well who in the heck needs more than three speeds anyway?”

Last weekend, the International distinguished itself well on the crushed gravel paving the KATY Trail. We pedaled along for…

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