A Gazelle by any other name

A nice example of a classic Dutch three speed!

Buzz Bomb Bicycles

When you think of gazelles you probably think of something quick and nimble. We know we do. This particular Gazelle, on the other hand…

This Dutch-made beauty (circa 1978) is about as “adorned” as a bike could ever hope to be, with lights, generator, wheel lock, bell, fenders, front mudflap, drum brakes and rear carrier (all stock equipment). It even has a chainguard and skirtguard, made predominantly from vinyl, we’re thinking to avoid rust, and hopefully to lighten the thing a little. 

Ok, so it might not be Gazelle-quick, but then again, it isn’t the worst bike we’ve ever pushed around. Even with its high profile (the handlebars hit us mid-stomach) and its 28″ wheels, the bike performs modestly well. Agreed, it’s not a Masi, but the bike  easily outpaces a Raleigh DL-1 or Chinese equivalent. So, in that regard, we guess you could consider it the “gazelle” of the…

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