SOTS Blog · Upcoming Three Speed Rides in Portland, OR

What’s in store for 2014?

Hello friends, it's been a busy and remarkable first year around the Society of Three Speeds. While we haven't hit 100 members yet, we're over 80, and that's quite good. We hosted four rides in 2013 too, with participation from about 24 at the most to around 10 at the least, also quite good. But… Continue reading What’s in store for 2014?

SOTS Blog · Three Speeds: Spotted

Raleigh Superbe: Spotted

Raleigh Superbe, a photo by urbanadventureleaguepdx on Flickr. Spotted at Velo Cult. Derek, the guy who heads up the monthly cruiser ride/meet at Lucky Lab NW owns this beauty. 23 inch size fram. Still has the key for locking fork. Dynohub works but currently no lights hooked up. (I suggested the B+M Retrotec.) He's also… Continue reading Raleigh Superbe: Spotted