Three Speed (Snow) Bike: Spotted

Tuckamore’s 1965 CCM Continental.

Well, I didn’t actually spot this beautiful CCM, as it’s in Edmonton, and owned by one of the Society’s members: Tuckamore Dew. Edmonton actually sees actual winter, unlike Portland, which sorta sees winter (like today, for instance.) I know the big trend is to get a “fat” bike for snow riding, but who says you can’t ride a three speed in the snow? No derailleurs to get gunked with snow, for one. Yeah, old three-speed caliper brakes and steel rims aren’t the best in these conditions, but that’s what lowered saddles and sturdy shoes are for! 😉


6 thoughts on “Three Speed (Snow) Bike: Spotted

  1. I rode the 3-speed because the freehub on my regular winter bike froze during my morning commute at -30C. The next day I rode the 3-speed to work at the same temperature and had no problems. The Sturmey AG wins this round!

    • Yeah, go three speed hub!

      Honestly, if I lived in a place that actually had winter, I’d love to build up a winter beater three-speed with hub brakes and maybe a dynohub. I could probably use a crappy three-speed frame, or find an old 80’s MTB that had horizontal dropouts (I know that some exist…) so I could put some nice fat tires on there. (Well, if I was a charlatan I could probably convert the old three-speed from 590 to 559 tires, esp. if I used hub brakes.) Or heck, just get a Troll. 😉

  2. mj says:

    I actually rode a 1969 Superbe through the winter of 2011. The steel rims were not really well suited to icing conditions, but the thin tyres do the business.

  3. 2whls3spds says:

    Raleigh Twenty with studded tire FTW. Close to the ground and very stable. Got a chance to try it Iowa a couple of years ago.


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