What’s in store for 2014?

actionshot_wayfarerHello friends, it’s been a busy and remarkable first year around the Society of Three Speeds. While we haven’t hit 100 members yet, we’re over 80, and that’s quite good. We hosted four rides in 2013 too, with participation from about 24 at the most to around 10 at the least, also quite good.

But while it’s fun to look at the past (and since this is a site/club about three speeds, it’s part and parcel of our operation), but let’s look towards the future. What do I, El Presidente of Society of Three Speeds, have in store for 2014?

Well, I would like to do at least four rides through the course of the year. This is how I envision it breaking down:

  1. The inaugural ride for the 2014 season has been slated for Saturday, March 8. This would be an “open to all” ride around Portland with a distance around 10 miles.
  2. Another “open to all” ride to happen sometime during Pedalpalooza in June. Same deal: around Portland, a distance around 10 miles.
  3. A “day ride” around Portland. Longer length, 20-30 miles, and more rural in character. This one would only be open to three speeds and possibly to other hub-biked bretheren. This would happen sometime in summer or early autumn.
  4. The long awaited overnight trip. Length of about 30 miles a day, 2 days total. Most likely this will happen along the Banks-Vernonia Trail to the west of Portland. Still deciding if this would be a cabin camping trip or a tent camping trip. All gear to be carried by participant on her/his bicycle. This one would also be limited to three speeds and possibly to other hub-geared bikes. This would happen in summer or early autumn.

I may try to take on other rides, but for now I’m only aiming for these four. I don’t want to over promise and under deliver.

And this year I’d really like to make it to the Lake Pepin ride out in Minnesota/Wisconsin in May. Hopefully I can do it! There are other three speed rides too, but with work I could only make one.

As for bikes, I need to do some more work to the Rudge Sports, and I have some plans for the Raleigh Wayfarer too. More to come.

What are your three speed plans for  2014? Do you hope to make it to one of our rides? Have any ideas/opinions about what I propose? I’m all ears.

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