A New Year and a direction.

Rick is moving his blog into a new direction: He’s going to offer critiques of local (Portland) Craigslist three-speed listings!

Gutter Bunny Bikes

So I got to admit that doing this whole blog is a bit daunting.  Part of the problem is that the world of 3 speed bikes just doesn’t move anymore.  And though that is part of the appeal of such bikes, it doesn’t make for very interesting reading.  My intent when starting this blog (aside from shameless self promotion) was to make a guide for people that are starting to bike to explain the virtues of the trusty old three speed.  To guide them through the purshasing process and the tools and knowledge to do the upkeep themselves, making the 3 speed even more attractive.

I still plan on doing this, but I’m going to take a slightly different approch.  Rather than yet another dull post that explains the XYZ of these bikes.  I’ve decided to do it a bit differently.   Instead, I’m going to scan Craigslist and other…

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