26″ x 1 3/8″ tires: Do you have a preference?

I’ve run creme Schwalbe Delta Cruisers (ISO 590) on my Raleigh Wayfarer for the last three years. I haven’t had any complaints about them, other than creme Delta Cruisers being almost…cliche at this point. The rear tire is looking a bit long in the tooth, though, so I should replace it soon. And it got me thinking about trying out a different tire, as I’m like that. And I”m considering black/tan sidewall for the next one.

The two choices that I’ve been thinking about are the Panaracer Col De La Vie 650A tires, which I have heard good things about. And there is also the Michelin World Tour, which is a bit lower in price and can be purchased locally, but I haven’t heard much about.

Has anyone had experience with these two tires, esp. the World Tour? Or do you have a preference/favorite 650A/ISO 590/26″ x 1 3/8″/EA3 tire that is not listed above?

And yes, I realize that there’s an old discussion over on the Gentlemen Cyclist list. But that thread is going on six years old, so it would be good to get some fresh opinions.


4 thoughts on “26″ x 1 3/8″ tires: Do you have a preference?

  1. I replaced my old (and dear) Dunlops on my Triumph last years with the Panaracers. They’re an excellent tire and I like the more classic tread pattern. The only problem I had was with clearance with the front fender. The tire section is a little fatter and I had to adjust things a bit.

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