Pondero decides to go to Lake Pepin this year…and ponders preparations.


IMG_3454Many of my blog buddies are posting retrospectives of 2013, and their bicycling goals for 2014. Normally, I don’t engage is such milestone rituals. Instead, I just sort of ooze from one year to the next, flowing from one thing I find fun to do into another. But this is different. Since I have decided to focus intently on a single major event this year, public announcement seems essential.

This event will require more preparation than any event I have ever done (and it might surprise astonish most of my readers that I have actually done some racing in my younger days). I’ll be honest and mention from the outset that the event intimidates me. It will require planning. It will require the acquistion of new gear, a new kit, and the development of new skills. It will major modifications to one of my bikes, and solving major logistics challenges…

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