Some common pitfalls with Craiglist Ads – Review #1

…and here is the first in Rick’s series!

Gutter Bunny Bikes

Before I start let say that though I am going to point out problems with the ads and the bikes, I do not (except in obvious examples) blame the sellers.  The history of bicycles is vast,  and often not very well documented.  This is especially true of utilitarian style bicycle like our beloved three speed.  They were never ment to be collected, they were built with the intent to ride into the ground, or ride till you’re in the ground–which ever came first.

And this is why I have chosen this bike as my first installment.  Old bike history is tough, especially if you’re not “into” bikes.  And I got to admit that I might also be completely wrong with my assessment.

And lastly it’s a great example of the history/mystery that bikes can provide to our lives.  If for no other reason than to climb down a rabbit hole…

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