Introducing: Postcard Club 2014!

Hello folks! Both my love of writing postcards and the impending Letter Writing Month in February has got me thinking about doing something a little different, a little special for 2014. So I got an idea:

Urban Adventure League/Society of Three Speeds Postcard Club 2014!

How does it work? Simple!

  • For a nominal fee, I will write you a unique postcard, sent either from Portland, Oregon, USA, or somewhere on my travels. This fee is $1.00 for a month in the USA, $2.00 for a month anywhere else in the world.
  • Whenever you “order” this postcard, I have until the end of the following month to post it. For example, if you order it on January 15, I have until February 28 to post. If you order on February 1, I have until March 31, and so on.
  • If you want me to hold off until a specific month, or until the next time I travel, you can note that too. Please note that if I get enough requests for say my next bike tour, I may not be able to write and mail all of them from the road.
  • You can also request that I send the postcard to someone else. Or you can do something crazy and spend $2 and have me send one to you and one to someone else. And so on. You just have to note what you want to do!
  • Ordering multiple months at a time is just dandy. Spend $3 in the US, get three months of postcards!
  • And for those who want to “order” a full year’s subscription of Postcard Club, the rate is $10 for USA, $18 rest of world.
  • For those of you who want to complain about the fact that the “anywhere but USA” rate is double/almost double the US rate, well, that’s because postage is expensive. Current postcard rate to any international destination is $1.10, to go up to $1.15 on Jan 26. US postcard rate is only 33 cents (to 34 cents on Jan 26.) If it was cheaper for me, it would be cheaper for you too. I’m not trying to get rich of of this!
  • And you don’t have to purchase anything to get into the club! Simply send me a postcard (or letter) and I’ll send you a postcard back. Same “by end of following month” rule applies (will be determined by when I receive said correspondence, not when you have sent it.) Please make sure you include your address! If you don’t, how am I supposed to send anything back?

If you would like to “buy” into the Postcard Club, simply paypal In the notes, please include your address and any special requests. (Please include your address even if you have a preselected paypal shipping address.) Or if you don’t want to do paypal, mail me either cash (US or Canadian currency accepted), personal check (only for a year subscription, please, and only from the US), money order/international money order in US funds, or an International Reply Coupon per each postcard requested.

Send all mail-in orders or postcards/letters to:


P. O. BOX 14185

PORTLAND OR 97293-0185



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