Mystery 60’s ladies-frame Raleigh

Hello folks! This is not my bike nor do I know the owner, but someone over on the Rivendell list posted looking for info regarding the particular model.

Defining characteristics (as passed onto me) are the twin top tube, 3-speed hub, full generator lighting, factory rack, seat bag, chrome fenders.

The closest thing that resembles it is a Mountie. Here is the page from the 1967 US catalogue.

The Mountie was a 20″ wheeled bike, but the extant bike in question is 26″. And in the catalog the Mountie was a single-speed/coaster braked model, whereas the mystery one has caliper brakes and a S-A three-speed hub.

Here are the photos.

Anyone have any guesses?

2 thoughts on “Mystery 60’s ladies-frame Raleigh

  1. Reflectors on the pedals indicate late 60s to 70s. The curvy down tubes don’t match any catalog I have seen. The fenders are chrome and not color matched yet the shape of the front fender looks to be original Raleigh. I think it’s a ladies Colt, but it is hard to determine the year. The color matched saddle seems 60s as well as the space age chain guard. The wheels are steel and I don’t see a dynamo. It’s a mystery!

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