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Three Speed Ride, Saturday 8 March, plus the next ride!

Hello friends of Three Speeds. I did mention this here before, but I figure that I should reiterate that the first Three Speed Ride of 2014 is just two short weeks away!

The Three Speed Ride will be on Saturday March 8, 2014. Meet at 11 am at Woodlawn Park (under the bridge). Woodlawn Park is on NE Dekum just west of 13th Ave. Click here for a map.

This ride will be about 12 miles in length over flat to moderate terrain.I may throw in a small hill or two, but remember, it’s okay to walk it! And as per the “Rough Stuff” tradition, there will be some off-road (read: dirt) sections, paths, cut-throughs, and other stuff thrown in that you probably didn’t know existed. Be prepared for adventure!

Somewhere between halfway and the end we’ll have a break for snacks and beverages in a park like setting. Bring tea in a thermos, or brew it at the park (the preferred method.)

The end point will be at a place where we can enjoy food and adult beverages. Please note that the ride is not a loop and will not end near the start. (The ride route is a mystery, please don’t ask where we’re going!)

As with the “casual” rides, this ride is open to all, three speeds or not, members or not. Of course, three speed equipped bicycles are preferred, and the emphasis on the ride is comfort, not performance. If you have the choice between a space-age carbon-fibred racing bike and that old janky Huffy lying behind the shed, bring the Huffy. (You should maybe make sure the tires are aired and chain lubed before you depart the house, though.)

If you are not a member, you can purchase a Society of Three Speeds membership on the ride for a discounted rate. I’ll also have some other special goodies, and will be selling some of the beautiful screenprinted posters from the first ever Three Speed Ride for the low price of $5!

I’m still working on dates and details for the two longer rides later in the summer (both of these rides will be for three speeds only), but I would like to announce the date for the early summer Three Speed Ride that happens during Pedalpalooza. It will happen on Sunday June 22nd. Yes, that is the same day as Sunday Parkways, so it will start right after Sunday Parkways on or near the Parkways route. The June Sunday Parkways will be in North Portland.

Hope to see you on a ride!

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