Ride Report: Three Speed Ride, 8 March 2014

13022494293_762e27477d_c“Well, it is March, you know.”

I know Rick’s words were supposed to comfort, as we huddled under the bridge at Woodlawn Park, watching the rain come down. But I was hoping it wasn’t going to be like this. And I had reason behind my hope: 48 hours earlier the Saturday forecast was partly sunny, high 65F/18C, with rain coming sometime in the evening. But the weather forecast revised itself several times over in that 48 hours, until we got what we were seeing: rain, light to moderate, with heavier rain in the evening. Our best hope was to be done before it really starts dumping.

With the dismal forecast, I was really surprised that we had as many takers as we did: ten total, some familiar faces, some new faces (including a few new members.) There would have been an eleventh, but he showed up on a light road bike and desired some fast hill climbing action, not casual paces and beer. What did he think a Three Speed Ride was going to be?

We took off after 11:30 am and hit the streets of Northeast. I had planned a bit more extensive of a ride with more rough stuff, but the boggy nature of a lot of the off road elements caused me to shave off some of the roughest stuff. Still, we got to see sides of The Cully neighborhood that are off the beaten path. I’ve been enjoying exploring The Cully as of late, as it has a lot of hidden charms.

My original “brew up” spot, Sacajawea Park, provided no cover, so I chose an appropriate back up under the cover at Scott School, just north of Wellington Park. This also gave everyone the opportunity to dry out.

Then a quick jaunt to NE Fremont St for our endpoint, Alameda Brewing, where we enjoyed fine beer and food. Dara and Tomas, our newest members, were already waiting there, as they had to attend to a friend who got sick at the beginning of the ride. (They also have lovely matching black Raleigh Sports, too.)

Despite the crap weather, the first ride of 2014 went purdy well. Now I’m looking forward to more rides!