Schwinn New World three-speed on Portland CL

I’m not usually moved to re-post things I’ve seen on the local Craigslist, but this one is interesting. It’s a Schwinn New World three-speed, ladies frame. I’m guessing it might be from the 40’s, due to the Sturmey-Archer “quadrant” shifter, and also note the “AS and CO” cottered crank/chainring.
If it’s that old, $275 is not too bad a price (and they dropped it from $375 from this morn.)


Rudge Sports: For Sale (again)

Yes, I tried to sell this late last summer but got no bites, then decided to keep it. Then I got some interest in this bike, so I’m deciding to sell. While I love this bike, it is a tad on the small side for me, and I really don’t give it the attention it deserves. I have some big bike projects coming up, and am in the mode of downsizing my bicycle collection. So I’d rather not hold onto a “sunny day” bike, I’d rather let someone else enjoy this bike!

Here are the pertinent details:

  • 1953 Rudge Sports
  • 21″ frame
  • 26″ x 1 3/8″ (aka EA 3, 650A, or more accurately ISO 590) wheels. Generic gumwall tires.
  • Sturmey-Archer AW three-speed hub, rare alloy (aluminum) shell, date stamped 1953. Functions smoothly.
  • Rear wheel is original to bike with Endrick/Raleigh-pattern rim. Front wheel came off a 1970’s era Raleigh three-speed, has a plain rim but has a hub with oil port. Both rims are steel. Some rust on braking surface of rear rim.
  • 48 tooth chainring with 20 tooth rear cog
  • Bottom bracket has oil port! Overhauled in the last year.
  • Raleigh side pull caliper brakes with modern brake pads, front pads have leather for better performance on steel rims.
  • More modern quill stem, flipped “North Road” handlebars
  • Comes with 70’s era “Union” brand bottle generator and headlamp.
  • Comes with a brown Brooks B17N (narrow) leather saddle and Minnehaha barrel bag attached to saddle. (Includes spare tube.)

I’m asking $275 or best offer. If you buy it for $275 I’ll throw in a spare generic tire plus a set of silver Planet Bike “Cascadia” fenders that should fit this bike.

Bike is available for viewing in Woodlawn in NE Portland. I’d rather not ship this bike.

Maybe you’ll be the person who can give this cool bike the love it deserves?

Rudge Sports: Current Status.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve ridden the Rudge. I almost sold it in the summer due to all the stuff going on in my life, but since I got no bites I decided to hold on to it. Not much new right now, other than the Miesha Portugese cork grips, Carradice Lowsaddle Longflap saddlebag, and saddlebag support. I want to install creme Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires, as the white against black look could be quite striking. But everyone seems to be out of stock on them, so the Kenda gumwalls stay on. I tinkered with it a little today because I want to ride it during the Tweed Ride on Sunday. Since it’s going to be a nice, dry Tweed Ride for once, the path raceresque Rudge will be appropriate!         IMG_0415

What is a Restored Bicycle?

Gutter Bunny Bikes

What is a restored bicycle?  How do you define restore? It’s not nearly as cut and dry of an answer as you think it might be.  It is actually a fairly debatable topic among bicycle enthusiasts and other people that like to tinker and or admire old stuff.

The key to this debate is mostly found within how a person defines the term “Restore”.  And simply looking at the dictionary for a cut and dry definition doesn’t help much.  Because the two basic schools of thought on the subject are based on two slightly different definitions of the word.

Merriam-Webster defines the term restore as follows.


  • To put or bring (something) back into existence or use
  • Return (something) to an earlier or original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc

And from here the debate rages.

It might kind of seem like a subtle difference in definitions.  But one that…

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