Raleigh bikes on the road again

A nice li’l story on Raleigh’s 125th anniversary, plus their impending sale.



2 thoughts on “Raleigh bikes on the road again

  1. WADE DYER says:

    I realize this will upset the raliegh freaks …..But …..Ill probably be banned for saying this………….My two bikes a1963 schwinn traveler and a 1969 raliegh sports…..The best ride schwinn (smooth)
    ……………raliegh (nimble)……..I like them both thou

    • No, you won’t get banned for saying that. But you will get banned if you keep on posting in all caps. Seriously. While I am a retro-grouch, this isn’t 1982, and you aren’t typing on a VIC 20. (At least I hope you aren’t.) Note that I converted your comment to “sentence” case. And let’s not talk about your spelling of Raleigh…

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