Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour

Mark has a good report on Lake Pepin ride, and a shout-out to yours truly!

The Early Morning Cyclist

My ears are sunburned.

Or wind burned. To be honest, I’m not sure which – after languishing for months indoors, it seems I’d forgotten all about skin care and UV protection. Neither was I particularly mindful of the prevailing riding conditions several hundred miles north of home. In point of fact, I had no idea where Lake Pepin or Redwing were actually located beyond the generalization of “Minnesota.”

Me (as I finish loading the car, five minutes before hitting the road): “Hey, how do we get there?”

Wife (rolling her eyes): “What does the Garmin say?”

And with little more fanfare than that, this is pretty much how we came about embarking upon our journey to the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. As I’ve made abundantly clear in the past, my preference leans toward solitary riding and I tend to avoid most forms of group riding and ride “events.”…

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