Mystery Triumph

We just received a communique from a reader wanting to know more about this particular bike. Anyone have any leads?

I have a three speed and I cannot seem to find out much about it. There are weathered Triumph decals but no Triumph headbadge and no evidence there ever was one. Just a capital “T”. The serial numbers I have found are on the seat stays bridge, PG88060326 and a 417 stamped under the bottom shell bracket. Here are the particulars I have found.

  • Hub – Sachs Torpedo Dreigang 36. Coaster brake.
  • Seat – SMP SELLE (made in Italy)
  • Hand grips – Plastiche Cassano.
  • Dynamo – DDR Ruhla. 8007.3. 6v 3w.
  • Head light lens – Top– APP.MIN.LL.PPN 1846/81. Right side –CH 1 1203.
  • Bottom –Dansi. Left side — K10724.
  • Tail light (one piece)– Top half –CH10336. Bottom half — Bumm 334.
  • IA, Ei (encircled) 0131308R3.
  • K30 006, BS 6012/2, NL (encircled)
  • TP RBi 87037
  • Pedals — Buchel Germany
  • Kickstand– made in Italy.

I have looked at pictures and haven’t found any thing with this kind of frame style.

My guess is it’s from “The Continent”, like the Netherlands or somesuch.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Triumph

  1. 2whls3spds says:

    Looks like a generic Eurospec bike, “feels” like a 90′s vintage. Most of the old bike names are being recycled for nostalgic sales.

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