Three Speed Ride: Sunday 22 June

Before I get lost in the chaos known as Pedalpalooza, I should remind you fine folks about the Three Speed Ride happening during said Pedalpalooza!

The next Three Speed Ride will happen on Sunday 22 June at 4pm (ride at 4:30). Meet at Omaha Parkway, N Omaha Ave and N Ainsworth St (meet on the south side of Ainsworth, in the parkway)

What better way to finish Sunday Parkways than ramble around the northern reaches of Portland on your humble internally geared three speed bicycle? Bring your trusty three speed bicycle from any nation. Three speeds preferred but any bike welcome if you don’t have one. Casual paced ramble of approx. 8-10 miles, fairly flat, with a little unpaved “rough stuff” action thrown in. We’ll have a picnic and tea brew up towards the end, bring all the necessities like food, a teakettle and a camping stove.

Hope to see you there!

The Wayfarer at Lake Pepin.

The Wayfarer at Lake Pepin.


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