A brief report of Sunday’s Three Speed Ride

It’s been bad times over the past week at the SoTS HQ. I’ve been fighting one hell of a cold, you know one of those colds you get every three or five years, one that you would think is the flu if you didn’t know any better. (And I know better.) (And of course there’s a cough!) My energy reserves were low, so I had the emergency contingency plan in effect: If I couldn’t make it, Rick would lead. (Thanks, Rick!) But thankfully I mustered up enough energy to show up on Sunday afternoon.

And a lovely Sunday afternoon it was. The sun was out, the temperature around 80F/27C, spirits high after Sunday Parkways. Thirteen riders gathered under the elms on the Omaha Parkway in North Portland, indeed a lovely spot. (There was a small shindig happening further down the parkway strip!) At about 4:30, we departed on a meandering route through North and Northeast, something that I improvised but was familiar territory. We hit the Willamette bluffs by “the horseshoe” for good measure, wound down some secret paths, all that good stuff.

After about an hour and a half of rambling and probably ten miles pedaled,* we reached our destination: Cat Six Cycles, a brand new bike shop on NE 42nd (Douglas Adams) Ave and Alberta Court. Cat Six Cycles was having its grand opening, and free beer was too hard to pass up. I know, I know, we were supposed to have a picnic stop, but I think most folk appreciated the free beer and then just shared food amongst the throngs.

All in all, a good ride. Hope to see you out there sometime!

The crowd assembles at N Omaha Pkwy and N Ainsworth

The crowd assembles at N Omaha Pkwy and N Ainsworth

*This was the group consensus.


3 thoughts on “A brief report of Sunday’s Three Speed Ride

  1. graveldoc says:

    Sounds like you had a grand time! Hope you get over that nasty cold soon! Remember chicken soup; it stimulates the immune system. Also, echinacea and Vitamin C both help.

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