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A Summer Solstice update

Hello friends. Yes, it has been a bit quiet around these parts. I’ve been busy in other areas of my life (and that cold has got me down this week), so I haven’t given ye olde Society as much attention as I should. I apologize. But hear me now and listen to me later, I still do love and adore three speeds, and this Society!

So as we enter this Summer season, here are some updates:

I know that I’ve talked a bunch about it in the past, but as it looks right now, there (probably) won’t be a Three Speed Camping Tour this summer. I had planned on doing this excursion on the weekend of August 910, but other things have come up. My summer is already a busy one with work, so there aren’t any other weekends I could do it on in July or August, or even September. I’m sorry that it’s not working out this year, but honestly, I only had a few people express interest. And after doing a few “test rides” over the past year, hunting for a good route, I haven’t found “the one”, so I need to do more on this front. This doesn’t mean for sure that it won’t happen, but it might be a more off-the-cuff weekday excursion that I post about a week or two before it happens.

I still intend on doing one more Three Speed Ride later this year, most likely October before the rains really return. This one will be more of a Day Ride, a 30 mile ramble vs the 10 or so mile jaunts that I’ve been putting on. This one will be limited to three speeds only. Attending the Lake Pepin tour in May has given me some good ideas about this ride, and it should be a blast!

A glimpse of the 2014 Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour: Rolling towards Bay City, Wisconsin.
A glimpse of the 2014 Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour: Rolling towards Bay City, Wisconsin.

Speaking of Pepin, I do hope to go next year if I can! And you should go too, if you can. Who knows, maybe we can get a whole Cascadia contingency going this time!

And speaking of bikes themselves, my beloved Raleigh Wayfarer is back in the hands of Mr. Gutter Bunny Bikes for more work. Hopefully it should be back on the road soon. Because summertime is made for three speeds!

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