Special week-long sale on memberships!

Friends, it is rather embarrassing to admit, but I will be forthright and admit: It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on a three-speed. Horrors! The president of the Society hasn’t ridden a three-speed in quite some time? Yes, it’s true. The reasons are complicated, so I won’t be boring you with those details right now. (I will bore you with the details relatively soon.)

I need to atone for my sins, penance if you will. And the best penance is a sale on new memberships. Starting now, US memberships are only $5, international  only $10! All memberships must be purchased by 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday August 9th to get this rate. (If sending by post, must be postmarked by August 9th to get this rate.)

This I will guarantee: This will be the lowest price on Society of Three Speeds memberships you will ever see. And the price of memberships will probably increase soon, by the new year I’m guessing. So now is the time to act!

Full details on purchasing a membership are over on the membership page.14627042387_1c52f7764f_z

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