In search of: 24″ three speed wheel

This request comes from a friend of Society of Three Speeds, Scott Lieuallen, who asked me to pass it along to you fine folks. Get in touch with me and I’ll relay the info.

Here is his request:
xxx’s 10 yr old neighbor needs a bike. I have a frame, fork, and rear wheel for a girl’s style 24″ wheel “Space Rider”. The rear hub is an SC3. The coaster brake has a driver with pawls but the pawl springs are broken and I don’t see a way to get the pawl pins out anyway.

Here are my questions: Do you have or know where to get a 24″ rear wheel with an AW hub. I would rather not deal with a coaster brake and Aaron thinks Tara would be better off with a bike she can back pedal.

Another option would be a hub alone. The wheel has 28 holes, so the hub would have to match. I’m trying to keep the cost down so I would rather not buy a rim if I had a hub. I might be able to reuse the spokes.


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