One of the things we love here at SoTS HQ is when members, whether new or old, share pictures and/or stories about their three-speeds. New member Donald from Adelaide Down Under sent us this pic and a short story about their bike:

Here’s a shot of my 1974 Raleigh Superbe, made in Nottingham, purchased new by my grandfather in Ottawa, Canada.  He was a diplomat and this bike was his personal transport in Beijing, Bangladesh, India, Barbados and Bangkok, during his postings.  It served as my commuter for 10 years in Toronto and is now my weekend exploration vehicle here in the hills of Adelaide, Australia.  My daughter sits on the back and we carry all the picnicking essentials, including her tricycle in the massive Wald basket up front.

Astute readers will note that it’s a 23″ frame, the Wald basket in question is the “Giant Delivery Basket”, and that 1974 was the year Rush’s debut album was released.*

So, members and readers, do you want to share the story behind your three-speed? Get in touch, and you might just see it here on this here blog!

035*But does not contain the song “Subdivisions”, which was on their 1982 release Signals.

One thought on “SOTS Member File: 1974 Raleigh Superbe

  1. Great picture and history of your bike. I was looking for pictures of Superbes having just bought one, a much more recent one. It has been tricked out with 5 speed, hub dynamo etc…but in truth I prefer yours. Living as I do in the UK there are absolute gazillions of old 3 speed bikes that cost close to nothing : I could not figure this out until had a “doh!” moment last week and realised that the reason is that they simply never die: built for durability, no plastic bits. Good luck with the riding, hope all is going well for you.
    Also, cute kid in the photo.

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