Heading north of the 49th for New Years

Vancouver BC three-speed enthusiasts: I am coming!

Urban Adventure League

New Years is just around the corner. And my annual tradition since New Year 2007 is to high-tail it out of Portland. My New Years before that were always at best “eh”, and I figured that getting away from the all-too-familiar was a good idea. And I’m not about to change that any year soon!

I’ve gone to a variety of places since initiating this tradition:

  • 2007-8: Out to the Columbia River Gorge (Hood River/Bingen/White Salmon) for a solitary holiday.
  • 2009:  Vancouver, BC to house-sit for a friend.
  • 2010: A yurt at Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast (the first New Years with April)
  • 2011-13: Stub Stewart State Park cabins with a group of people
  • 2014: Seattle

I weighed the options: Do I want a secluded solitary setting, or a city? A city won out, so it would have to be relatively easy to get to,* since I’ll only have…

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