A new coat of cyanide-laden enamel!

Hello all! If you read my blog through a “reader”, you may not have noticed, but I changed up the theme. While I still sort of liked the theme of this site that has existed for the first two years of its existence (Vintage Camera), the one big problem that it pushed the “Widget area” all the way to the bottom. That’s where things like links, calendars, and other important things go on a WP site. The problem of course is since I have a static “front page” (the “Welcome!” page!) that area is buried underneath everything. Everything being the 51 comments for the Welcome page. Would you scroll down that far? I wouldn’t. Heck, I even forgot about all those widgets!

So I searched for another appropriate theme that should be in line with the Society of Three Speeds. The best way to search is by looking at other good WordPress blogs, especially those done by the design inclined. And there ain’t nobody more design inclined than Mark, vintage bike enthusiast, art teacher, and SoTS member over in Missouri. His current theme is Sorbet, so I decided to steal from the best. So Sorbet is the new theme here!

I think it looks pretty good. And those widgets are right over here on the right, easy to find. Let me know what you think.


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