Reminder: Three Speed Gathering this Saturday! (Plus updated info!)

Hello friends of SoTS! Do I even need to remind you of the Three Speed Get-Together that is happening this Saturday, January 31st? No, it should have been written on your calendar in bold capital letters with a red sharpie!

But anyways, I hope to see those of you who CAN make it at Velo Cult in the happenin’ Hollywood District of Portland, Oregon (1969 NE 42nd Ave) from 5 to 8 pm. You do not need to be a member of Society of Three Speeds to be there, but you should bring your three speed!

The gathering will be pretty informal, EXCEPT at seven o’ clock, when I will do announcements, prizes, and giveaways! A bit more details:

  • I will announce the date of the first Three Speed Ride! I will not announce it any earlier than 7 pm, so don’t ask.
  • (Well, if you need to know because “you’re leaving early” or some nonsense, you may be able to bribe me with a hearty ale, purchased at Velo Cult.)

And what about those prizes? Well, feast your eyes on some of what will be offered on Saturday!

IMG_1344I’ll be asking trivia questions about various things, and prize selection will be determined by want, need, and usability. (For example, you’re not going to win shaving cream if you don’t shave.)

A selection of the prizes:

  • Bell Streetster tyre in the ever popular 26″ x 1 3/8″ size
  • Luxurious Musgo Real shaving cream with brush
  • Vintage French-made Norex 39 saddle
  • Two leather-faced brake pads for caliper brakes. Leather provides superior stopping power for wet steel rims!
  • Toe clips, toe clip “coozys”, and Velo Orange leather toeclip wrap.
  • A leather satchel with buffalo nickel clasp!
  • One of the Three Speed Ride posters from the first event in 2011! Rare and screenprinted.
  • Some other crap not seen here.

And, I will be rewarding a free SoTS membership to someone attending that can use it! Please note: to get this, you MUST be present, bring your three speed, and make a compelling reason why you should get it! Sorry, no “gift memberships” for those not in attendance.

Also, I’ll have some of those screenprinted Three Speed Ride posters available for sale for just $5. Plus stickers and buttons for 50 cents each! If you desire to purchase any of these, let me know in advance.

And everyone who shows up gets a freebie or two! I promise!

Okay, see you fine folks Saturday!


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