Three Speed Ramble to Kelley Point: 18 Feb 2015

Urban Adventure League

After camping the week before, I knew that I would have a more low-key adventure this week, especially since I had things to do and social obligations on both of my days off (Tuesday and Wednesday.) The weather was a bit better on Tuesday, sun and high of 64F/18C (I wore shorts and sandals!) but it worked out better to do something on Wednesday. This day was overcast and a high around 55F/13C, more typical weather for this time of year, but it felt a tad…cold after a week of above 60s weather. (I know that all you folks in the east with highs around 5F can totally relate right now! πŸ˜‰ )

I decided that my adventure would be along the bottomlands along the Columbia River, which are practically out my back-door. This area is a favorite of mine, as it hits up a lot of things on…

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