Three Speed Ride, 21 March 2015

sots21mar2015Hey all! It’s been posted in a few other spots on this blog, and some of you may have gotten a postcard. But let’s make this official: The first Three Speed Ride of 2015 will be happening on Saturday March 21st!

The details:



Overlook Park, N Interstate Ave at Fremont. (MAX Yellow Line, Overlook Park station)

meet at 10:30 am, ride at 11 am sharp!

For the Spring classic, we’ll have a lovely 20-ish mile ramble ’round Portland. There will be a picnic/tea brewing spot along the way (BYO), plus a libations stop too. (Remember, we have all day to get to the end!) Bikes with internally geared hubs of 2, 3, 4, or 5 speeds only. Ride not a loop, but will end near transit/food/adult beverages.

Please RSVP if you are coming, I may make up some “special stuff”!

16421956790_c3ce0a7880_oAnd for this ride I’ve upped the promotions a bit. Y’know, I make flyers for a lot of my rides/events, but not until about right now did I get around to laminating a few of the flyers and adding a rubber band. This way I can hang these to bikes in all kinds of weather!

16620196252_406a5bbb13_oAnd how convenient! A Schwinn Suburban three speed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Suburban this nice, most fall into the well-used to beater range, which makes sense as Schwinn Suburbans were the hybrid bike of their era. (For those of you not American, Schwinn was our Raleigh. The Suburban is probably equivalent to a Raleigh Sprite of the same era, but yes, heavier.) But I’m sure there were folks who bought these bikes in the ’70’s “to get exercise”, rode them a few times, and they’ve sat in the basement for 40 years. This might be one of those. I’m wondering if there’s a Brooks under that saddle cover?

16001082943_73ab405931_oMaybe your bike will get a tag?


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