More news on upcoming Three Speed Rides

The crowd assembles at N Omaha Pkwy and N Ainsworth

The crowd assembles at N Omaha Pkwy and N Ainsworth

Hello all! Yep, the first Three Speed Ride of 2015 is coming up soon, Saturday March 21st! But I’m also pleased to announce the date of the FOLLOWING Three Speed Ride! I know, this is early for me!

The summer edition Three Speed Ride will happen on Sunday June 21st. Like last year, this ride is during Pedalpalooza and will happen right after North Portland Sunday Parkways, which concludes at 4pm. And just like last year, we’ll be meeting at Omaha Parkway, N Omaha Ave at Ainsworth St, right on the Parkways Route! But that’s where the similarities end. The route will be different than last year’s route, and won’t even end in the same part o’ town. But expect a tea stop midway and an ending point with beer, near transit. This ride will be the only “open to all” ride for 2015, so any and all bikes are welcome!

I still plan on having the last ride of 2015 either in later September or October. When I figure that out, I’ll let you all know.

IMG_0938And I’m still hoping to do a camping ride this year. I know that I planned one for last year, but bailed when interest was low. (Sorry Dana and Steve!) I’d like to do one this year, but due to my work schedule (I work weekends) it will most likely happen on a weekday. Are you interested? Please let me know.


2 thoughts on “More news on upcoming Three Speed Rides

  1. Steve M says:

    It’s OK, Shawn, Dana and I have forgiven you. We are still hoping for a 3 speed overnight adventure this summer. We are both pumped about this weekend’s upcoming ride! I stripped, cleaned, regreased, and reassembled my hub without any major surprises and now it cheerfully freewheels away instead of sounding like someone’s shaking a can of spray paint. I went a step further and serviced the bottom bracket for the first time… It was full of dried grease flakes and dead insects! No wonder it felt like it was full of sand. That was a much more aggravating project, but she’s ready to ride on the 21st!!!

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