Rough Stuff Rambling in NE, Wednesday 18 March

Urban Adventure League

I had no grand plans for a big adventure this mid-week, since there was A LOT I wanted to accomplish on my days off. (Did I get a lot done? Enough for now.) And since I’m leading the Three Speed Ride on Saturday, I’m going to get a “big” ride no matter what. But I needed to meet Ian later in the evening on Monday in North Tabor, and the day was beautiful so I left the house late-afternoon with the Raleigh Wayfarer (and moosemoose, of course) to go on a ramble!

Where to? Nowhere “special”, but just meander through (mostly) NE. I felt in the mood to get some rough stuff action, so I steered towards Cully, which would be the best bet for Unimproved Road fun. Once I got there, I was pretty much on autopilot, hitting up some of my favorite dirt/gravel streets in town!

It is…

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