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A great day of three speed action: Friday 20 March

PRESIDENT’S NOTE: Yes, this post comes after the Three Speed Ride report, though it happened before. Sometimes you just need to bicycle backwards.

Friday March 20, the day before the spring Three Speed Ride. I had a few laminated postcards with rubber bands so I could hang them onto handlebars of appropriate three-speeds. And amazingly on this day I found my share of bikes to tag!

wpid-wp-1427160148314.jpegFirst was this lovely yellow Schwinn Breeze, the standard-bearer American woman’s three speed of the era. (And that era be 60s-70s.)

But then shortly after that, another Breeze? Yes! This one in green, and baskseted out.

On my way to Velo Cult I tagged a couple modern three speeds (no photos, alas). And also ran into one of our members, Nate, and his lovely Austro-Diamler three-speed conversion. Unfortunately I’m a dumb-ass and forgot to get a photo. (But hope to get one soon!)

wpid-wp-1427160099356.jpegFinally, while at Velo Cult I ran into a chap who had a lovely Claud Butler Dalesman touring frame from maybe the 80’s. He bought it as a frameset and added a Sturmey-Archer AW hub wheel in the rear, and a Shutter Precision dynohubbed front wheel. Nicely done!

If only all days were like this…


4 thoughts on “A great day of three speed action: Friday 20 March

  1. Wow. That’s the Claud Butler frame that I donated to the CCC last summer. The fork was damaged but the frame was nice. Looks like the new owner gave it an amazing makeover. Great to see it back out on the road!

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