Second time around, or preppin’ for Pepin

Urban Adventure League

It’s a philosophical question to Ponder: If you did an event once, and it was fun, should you do it again? To most people the answer is obviously yes, but once you’ve done the event once, the magic that you get from The First Time is gone. And after that, are you trying to chase that spark from the first time? It’s a complicated question, one that Mary over at Chasing Mailboxes discussed regarding going to the Paris-Brest-Paris rando event this year.

In just a litte over a week, I’ll be heading out to Minnesota for the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. This will be the second I’ve attended this event. Obviously I had enough fun to want to go back! Yes, this is one of the most fun bike experiences I’ve had in my life, the right combination of a number of factors: bikes, scenery, beer, and…

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