Hello all! Sorry that I haven’t been updating this thing as much as I should. Such is life. Here’s a few pertinent items for all yous:

  • On Saturday May 9th I’ll be heading east on Amtrak to Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ll be there for a few days, then it’s off to the main event, the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour! This will be my second time, and I am just buzzing with anticipation! This year there will be a special “prize” for those who complete the four “passes”, and I hope to make it!
  • After the tour, Pondero, Gravel Doc, and myself will head out for a three day, three speed camping tour in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin (near La Crosse). Fun!
  • Of course I’ll try to blog as much as I can on this trip, but don’t know how often.
  • Yeah, I’ve said that new memberships are “closed” until I get the new package. But that’s going to take longer than I thought (late summer?) and I still have a little bit of old stuff left, so now is the time to get in at the “old” rate. See the membership page to get in!
  • Still thinking about doing a mid-week three speed bike camping ride in July or August. Anyone else interested?

Okay, hope you are all well!17318687575_687cc60074_k


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