Oh yeah, about that “three speed” camping

So today is the day of the fabled Three Speed Camping Trip. Yet I’m not going to be riding a three speed! Yes, I know, after all that smoke and noise made about it. Before you heat up the tar and gather the feathers, let me explain myself…

Last week I noticed that the lock ring to the bottom bracket on my Raleigh Wayfarer had worked itself off. Oops.wpid-wp-1440479888493.jpg

I went to my local shop, but they are not experts at cottered cranks. In fact, if you show up with a cottered-crank bike, they’ll probably tell you to convert to cotterless. Anyways, they surmised that the threading is stripped. Damn. And as the Raving Bike Fiend says, if the threading is stripped, it could be f-ed.

Now I don’t know for sure since I need to bring it to the shop that are experts at these things. But I am scared. Can it be rethreaded? If not, does that mean I do need to go to a cotterless crank system? Do I find another three speed? Yikes! These things are stressing me out.

So I’m not riding the Wayfarer until I get it checked out. For this camping trip, I’ll be riding my brand-new Bantam Rambleneur. It is a beautiful bike, but alas, it is not a three speed.20181799554_3411adf989_k

Stay tuned for more developments. And yes, I hope to have a true three speed campout at some point!


7 thoughts on “Oh yeah, about that “three speed” camping

  1. Hello,
    We own a bike shop in Wabasha, MN (you visited our town on the Lake Pepin tour) and we see a lot of cottered cranks. My guess is that your lock ring just came undone and didn’t damage any threads on its way off. Replacement lock rings are next to nothing. If the threads on the cups are buggered up it’ll just be the very end and you can clean them up with a jeweler’s file.
    David Wogen
    River Rider Cycle and Specialty
    Wabasha, MN

  2. Todd Boulanger says:

    Yes a classic failure. If this about to happen again – you are on the road without your archaic bin of tools – hand tighten it and then tap lightly to secure with a hammer and slotted screw driver…that a farmer lends you. It can mess up the tooth but it will get you home / to the shop.

    [a trick a Baguio sidewalk bike mechanic taugh me for my Giant MTB way back in the 80s]

  3. Todd Boulanger says:

    Anyway back to the ride…hope you had a good time and zip tied your rear Derailer so only the front worked for three speeds.

    PS. I have a Raleigh Superbe 22 inch for sale…perhaps the frame fits. Assuming you want to stick to the cottered way of life.

  4. Rombsy says:

    The thing I don’t like about cottered cranks is nicking my ankle on those cursed pins/nuts, and having something extra to catch my pant-cuffs (when I forget to tuck them into my socks) or the loops of my shoelaces (!) on.

    No doubt I’m slow on the response to this one, but if it is stripped, should be easy enough to find a replacement bearing cup and lock washer in the used parts bin of your local DIY bike shop.

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