A brief return of the Raleigh Wayfarer

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wpid-wp-1441600360034.jpgThe reports of the Raleigh Wayfarer’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Last we checked in, the lock ring to the bottom bracket had worked its way off and there were worries of stripped threading and imminent bottom bracket explosion. On Saturday I finally managed to get it down to a shop that deals in cottered cranks (A Better Cycle), and they did a bottom bracket overhaul, got a new lock ring on it (and cleaned up the janked threading) and made it good for now. But it was a mess: the lock ring was aluminum rather than steel which was part of its demise. (Ah, Raleigh in the 1970’s, always skimping. Of course, it would have been heaps better if you decided to use aluminum on the rims instead. But I digress…) And there was a lot of…damage inside the bottom bracket. It was salvageable, but the cups and all…

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One thought on “A brief return of the Raleigh Wayfarer

  1. Geoff Morgan says:

    Very happy that your shop was able to straighten out the BB for the time being. All is not lost however, since the bottom bracket can be reamed or bored out and threaded for Italian cups for a Phil cartridge (maybe a lesser cost Shimano, etc.) or if you can find one and old Campy cottered crank. Of course, Raleigh Industries refused to use anything but 1 3/8″ X 26 threads per inch all the while allowing the companies RI owned, such as Hercules, Triumph (bicycles), to use the far more universal 1 3/8 X 24 which will except ISO cups. I have done this to an old Raleigh, I used a vertical mill and a VAR tap and guide. I think that VAR or Campy makes a reamer set so the frame does not have to be mounted up on a machine table. Cheers!

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