6th Annual Rural Ramble in Wisconsin, Sun 4 Oct!

15452805474_02c81aa2a8_oPresident’s Note: October is turning out to be quite the month for three speed action! Once again, our friend Peter Jourdain is putting on this Bicycling Backwards event. If you are in the uppermost Middle West, you should check it out! Printed below is the press release, transcribed verbatim.


Lords and Ladies of the Wheel….​

The 6th Annual Rural Ramble (a.k.a “The Ripley Road to London and Cambridge”) will take place in less than a fortnight, on Sunday, October 4, 10 A.M. in Lake Mills. Wisconsin, at the Glacial Drumlin trailhead (the old rail depot) at the corner of State Route 89 and County Highway A.

Bring your favourite British steel steed (or any other cycle meeting your favour) and join us for a joyous day awheel as we roll along the Glacial Drumlin Trail and thence via the country lanes where we will encounter many a sterling scene and espy the curious local rustics.

The day will start with coffee, tea and scones, and a rousing rendition of “God Save the Queen,” and we will again give away the Union Jack and other prizes at the door.

A trail pass for the day is $4, and do not forget pocket money for the luncheon, which will again be held at CamRock Cafe and Sport in Cambridge.

All the information you need (and some your probably do not) is available at the website, below. Please pass the word and invite your friends, and, if you get a chance, let me know if you’ll be attending, so I do not have to force feed myself stale scones for the following two weeks!


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