A Three Speed October, or ride your three speed and tell me about it!

wpid-wp-1441503926403.jpgSo that my last gloomy dispatch doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, let’s talk about something positive…

It’s October, which is autumn in the Northernmost hemisphere. For many of you, this will be the last month you’ll ride your bicycle, three speed or otherwise, until The Great Thaw. And October is a great time for a three speed excursion! The weather is cool, not hot or cold. The leaves are changing, the summer destinations not so congested.

And while there’s plenty on the interwebs about three speeds, most of it is about the vagaries of pawl springs in AW hubs and complaining about Whitworth threading. There’s blessedly little talk about riding your three speed.

I want to change that.

For the month of October, I encourage you to ride your three speed, at least once, and for leisure and fun, not just commuting or utility purposes. And I want you to document that ride! I want to read ride reports about a trip on your three speed. I want to feel the fun that you’re having. And I want to share those reports here!

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Ride your three speed at least once for leisure purposes during the month of October. The more, the better.
  2. You don’t have to be a fully-paid member of SoTS to participate, but your bicycle must be a three speed internally geared hub, or a hub geared bike of 2 to 5 speeds. Two speed Schlump drive okay, and Bromptons are okay, as long as you don’t use the derailleur. Vintage or modern, originally a three speed or a conversion, it doesn’t matter. No other exceptions.
  3. The ride should be a minimum of six miles (10 km) round trip or one way. Yeah, you can go shorter, but make it count! Longer rides are fine too.
  4. Take photographs if you can. Of course we’d love to see your three speed, but please make sure those backgrounds are engaging.
  5. Be descriptive. Make it interesting. Tell me where you went, what you did, what you saw. Convey the fun you had.
  6. You can submit the report in email. You can write a blog post and share the link. You can write me and drop it in the post (post cards encouraged!) No Book of Face/Tweeter/Friendster/etc links will be accepted.
  7. If you write me a letter/postcard, please be legible. I’ll be taking a photo and reprinting that way, I most likely won’t have time to transcribe it.
  8. Please submit the ride report no later than Monday November 9th, 2015 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
  9. By sending me your report, I assume it is okay to share it here on this blog. If for some reason you are NOT OKAY with that, spell it out!
  10. You can send multiple reports.
  11. I can’t guarantee I’ll reprint everything, though probably I will.

Alright, get on your three speed and ride!

Send stuff via post to: Society of Three Speeds, P O Box 14185, Portland OR 97293-0185, Cascadia.

Email reports and links to urbanadventureleague@gmail.com

One thought on “A Three Speed October, or ride your three speed and tell me about it!

  1. Count me in. I don’t do many of these challenges, not my thing. However, this one I’m excited about. I’ll be riding one of those infernal Brompton S/A w/deraileur combo bikes. I…I…I…promise…not….to…use…the….deraileur. There I said it.

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