Three Speed October: A ride report on the Row River Trail by Tim

PRESIDENT’S NOTE: This report comes from the Society of Three Speeds primary agent in the Eugene-Springfield (Oregon) area, Tim. This is about the Row River Trail south of Eugene, part of the Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway. Tim did the ride last Friday. Thanks Tim! And keep those stories coming, folks!

It was 56 degrees when starting at the Mosby Creek Trailhead, so I took my time meandering up the old rail grade to the top of Dorena Dam where I stopped for the mandatory bike photos. The bike is a 63cm Miyata 610 (from 1982) with a Sturmey 5 speed hub. A few more pics along the way and stopped at Kirk’s Dorena store for a sandwich, which I ate at the Culp Creek Trailhead (end of paved trail).

The temperature was up to 65 degrees for the return trip, AND was into a headwind, but I was not in a hurry so noticed probably 30 apple trees scattered along the old rail right of way. Since they were not near any houses I tend to think someone who worked the train ate apples and threw the cores out along the way! About 25 miles and 3 hours of saddle time.


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