Coffeeneuring 2015, Ride 3: Appropriately, a three speed teaneurring ride. (And with April, too!)

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is on! And I pull out the three speed to make it happen. Bonus guest: April!

Urban Adventure League

Ah, here we are, the third ride in on the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge. Half-way, almost. A hump-day ride for the hump of the challenge. Let’s mix things up and keep it interesting, shall we? The third ride of the challenge is an appropriate enough time to pull out ye olde three speed, huh? And nothing goes better with British bikes (and technology) than tea, so a three speed teaneurring ride!

And since April is also doing the challenge, we decided to meet up for this one. What better park to meet at than Peninsula Park, one of Portland’s prettiest parks?

While Peninsula Park is about two miles from my house (as the Sturmey-Archer hub flies), I had to do a few errands, so my ride was about five miles. (April’s, 4.6 miles.) My three speed of the last five years has been the Raleigh Wayfarer. April has two (two!) three speeds…

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