REMINDER: Three Speed Pub Crawl this Sunday

threespeedpubcrawlHey folks! Don’t forget about the pub crawl happening this Sunday, November 15!

Please meet at Hedge House, 3412 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202. Meet time is 4 pm. The distance isn’t going to be long, maybe five miles, but it’s not a loop. We shall end near transit. We’ll hit up at least three pubs, because a pub crawl without a minimum of three pubs is no pub crawl at all!

And yeah, it will be dark, and the forecast is showers, high 49F/9C, so make all the appropriate appropriations. Drink responsibly, and it’s never a bad idea to buy your leader an ale.

SPECIAL NOTE: A few folks have said they may not be able to make it to the start but might want to catch up later. I will say with certainty that we’ll be at the Hedge House until 5, maybe even a bit later (Happy Hour until 6!) so if you can get to the Hedge House by 5 pm, you are good. If you can’t, email me your phone number and I can give you text updates.


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