New Old Stock 1 3/8 out, plus a week-long sale at my store!

Sale on memberships for one week! Plus other great things on sale.

Urban Adventure League

23084863513_1ba117fea6_oYes, friends, Retro-Grouches may be opinionated, but they ain’t always prolific. It took me a good three and a half years to get the next installment of NEW OLD STOCK out, the collection of my bicycle life in comix form. And I think it’s worth the wait! (And why “one and three eights” instead of issue two? Well, one and three eights is the perfect tire width, of course! 😉

And you can get your hands on a copy of it over at my Storenvy store! Woot! It’s regularly priced $3 plus postage, but right now it’s on sale for $2 plus postage!

23603395532_63ab073b40_oAnd while I’m on that tip, I decided to do a week long, pre Xmas sale at the store! You’ll find most items are now discounted! Like:

  • New Old Stock 1 and the Cycle Touring Primer now $2 each! (Save $1 each)
  • Society of Three Speeds memberships…

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