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Important info about postcards and SoTS

wpid-wp-1446929939441.jpgHello, members! Happy New Year!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been sending out a postcard crafted by myself for upcoming Society of Three Speeds events in 2015. Some of you may have gotten one! I like making art and creating flyers, and making postcards for upcoming events is fun.

It also costs money.

On average, I spend about $50 for each mailing. This price is for both the printing and postage. That’s a bit of change! When I first set up the prices for membership to Society of Three Speeds, I didn’t factor this into the price, because I didn’t know if I was going to be doing postcards or not. So that money basically comes out of my pocket.

I’ll be doing more postcards in 2016, and plan on the first Three Speed Ride to happen in March or April. For the next mailing, I’ll be sending a postcard to everyone in the US that is a member! Because postage outside of the US is prohibitive ($1.20 per postcard), I’ll only be sending postcards out to members that joined after January 1, 2015. (Check your membership card!)

After this next mailing, I will ONLY send out postcards to folks who are in the Portland Metro Area, though if I do a bigger ride, I may send them out to those who live in the Northwest, people most likely to come from a distance.

But you can still get postcards, if you want! The easiest and best way to do this is by joining my POSTCARD CLUB. You’ll get ALL the event postcards Society of Three Speeds plus all the Urban Adventure League postcards for the 2015 calendar year. This only costs $5 in the US, $10 in the rest of the world. You can easily “buy” a membership to the club at my online store. And even if you are on the “automatic mailing list” you should consider joining to help me out with printing and postcard fees. (If you don’t want to purchase online, email me at for other payment options.)

Or, you can send me a postcard or letter! If you send me a postcard or letter, you will get the next two postcard mailings (after the March/April mailing mentioned above.) If you do, please make sure you include your postal address! My address:


P O BOX 14185


And if you have been corresponding with me regularly via post, or otherwise have a “special relationship” with me, you’ll still get the postcards. (Though donating to the cause won’t hurt!) But if the only interaction you’ve ever had with me was your purchase of the membership, the next postcard will be the last unless you act!

Confused? Have questions? Get in touch!

And I realize that for many of you, an “invite” to an event you won’t be able to go to is sort of pointless. But some of you like cool stuff in the mail!

Oh yeah, one of the reasons why I’m raising the price on the memberships come February 1st is to cover the cost of a year’s worth of postcards to be sent to members. But it would only be for a year, after that, folks would have to purchase another year via Postcard Club!

Not a member yet? Join soon to get a postcard for the next event.


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