Still got some sale memberships, four to be exact. Plus, a contest!

wpid-wp-1446929950036.jpgHello friends! Quite a few of you have purchased the sale SoTS memberships, thank you! But I still have some membership packs left, four to be exact. I REALLY  want to get rid of them, so I’m still keeping the sale price of $4 plus shipping until these run out!

One note about shipping: International shipping rates went WAY UP in January. For those of you in the US, you’ll still be paying $3 for shipping, bringing the total cost to $7. However, if you live anywhere else in the world, you are not going to like the new rates. I apologize for that, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do. Any time I put “merchandise” in an envelope, it has to go package rate, and the base price for international package rates are astronomical! Sure, I could just hope that they don’t notice, and just put a global first class stamp on there. But if they do, they send the envelope back to me. So that’s why the rates are the way they are.

So I have four membership packs left! But you can only purchase three…for now. That’s because one of them will be a giveaway! Yes, time for a contest! To win a membership, you must answer this question:

I used to own a lovely Rudge Sports. What year was it made?

To enter this contest, please follow these rules:

  • You cannot already be a member, even if you intend to give the free one to someone else.
  • Only one answer per person. Please, don’t try to “trick me” by using multiple email addresses! Multiple entries will disqualify you.
  • Please either leave a comment below (don’t worry, your comment won’t be shown) or email me at with the correct answer.
  • You must include in your answer your email address AND your postal address, as I’ll need to send you the membership packet and add you to the email list! If you don’t leave these two things, you will be disqualified, even if you have the right answer!
  • You must be residing in the US, since the new astronomical international postage rates prohibit me from sending a free membership overseas.
  • If no one answers correctly by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday February 10th, the contest is over, and the free membership becomes one you can purchase.

Okay! Have fun out there folks!

And remember, you can purchase your membership here.


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