SAVE THE DATES! Three three speed ride typed things in the nearish future!

wpid-wp-1441503926403.jpgHello all! I’ve been busy planning a bunch of great three speed typed events for the first half of this year! I’m still working out the details on everything, but I figured I should let you all know NOW what the basics are so you can put them in your calendar! More details will come soon!

But for now, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  1. Sunday 20 March: The first official THREE SPEED RIDE of 2016!  Internally geared bikes with 2 to 5 speeds welcome, from any era and any country. About 20 miles of riding with tea/picnic stop in middle, pub stop at end (or in middle as well!) The start place will be somewhere in central SE and will be around 11 am.
  2. Friday 3 June through Sunday 5 June will be our THREE SPEED BIKE CAMPING WEEKEND!  We’ll be heading out to Ainsworth State Park in the Columbia Gorge, a ride of about 25 miles one-way. Only hub gear bikes with 2-5 speeds allowed, and all gear must be carried on the bike. You can come out either Friday night or Saturday night, we already have space reserved for both nights!
  3. Sunday 26 June: The Pedalpalooza version of our THREE SPEED RIDE. This one as per tradition happens right at the wrap up of North Portland Sunday Parkways at 4 pm. Expect about 15 miles of riding on hub geared bikes from 2 to 5 speeds, though this is our one “Open to all” ride for the year, meaning any and all types of bikes are welcome! We’ll have a picnic dinner, and wrap things up at a pub.

So, three rides to look forward to! Are you excited? I’m excited!

We should also have another ride in early fall, and maybe also a pub crawl too. But for now, you’ve got three things to look forward to!


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